Entre-deux-Guiers - 38

Multi-Purpose Facility

Mission exercée
Entire mission
Mairie d'Entre-Deux-Guiers
170 m² (SHON)
Coût des travaux
300 000 € H.T.
Cible énergétique
RT 2012

Overall Objective

This project was confronted with a severe space constraint due to the limited amount of ground available between existing buildings.



Access to the main entrance is through the primary school recreation yard. Steps and a ramp lead up to the main door. A concrete slab covered in wood makes for a welcoming bench and a concrete overhang shelters the entire access area.

The entrance hall on one side of the building allows access to toilets and a storage room. Its simple design, contemporary look and its single-slope roof with integrated draining pipes contrast with the more classic appearance of the second part of the building.

The latter houses the square shaped multi-purpose room of more classic design.

The building is covered by a prolongation of the single-slope roof with eves and gutter in zinc. This affords a softer transition to the older nearby buildings, particularly the church.
To allow maximum daylight into the room, the facility has large windows on the north-west façade and several roof skylights.