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Montbonnot-Saint-Martin - 38

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Mens - 38

Childcare Centre

Chélieu - 38

Community Hall

Maison pour tous - Chelieu - 38

Vif - 38

Waste Recycling Centre

 Yann-ÉRIC GUERIN, ARCHITECT & project manager in GRENOBLE

The agency has a diversified portfolio and undertakes a wide range of architectural projects (public and private).

The aim is to bring solutions, both creative and modern, to customers’ needs while taking into account legal aspects and environmental constraints at each site.

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La Motte d’Aveillans Town Hall and Schools:
We highly appreciated the professional way this mission was conducted.

Mr. Serge BESCHI

Mayor of La Motte d’Aveillans & Vice-President of the Community of Districts of La Matheysine

Major renovation of the community social at Jarrie :
This mission was completed successfully and with competence.

Mr. Raphaël GUERRERO

President of the CCAS – Mayor of Jarrie & second Vice-president at the intercommunal structure Grenoble Alpes Métropole

Major Renovation of a Childcare Centre at Mens :
This mission was conducted with professionalism and respected the timetable.


President of the Community of Districts of Trièves – Mayor of Avignonet

Construction of a Community Hall at Chélieu :
This mission was carried out to our total satisfaction.


Mayor of Chélieu