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The YEG Architect agency

The agency has a diversified portfolio and undertakes a wide range of architectural projects (public and private). The aim is to bring solutions, both creative and modern, to customers’ needs while taking into account legal aspects and environmental constraints at each site.

Our purpose is indeed to integrate current trends in construction without offending the existing built heritage,

asserting an architecture of our time that is environmentally compatible.

Noble materials such as wood, architectonic concrete, ceramic and slate are favored where possible. The manager received training at the CNDB (Comité national pour le Développement du Bois) on construction in wood and on low energy buildings. This environmental approach of the agency is motivated by moral conviction and regulatory obligations.

We follow projects from conception and design to site management and supervision.

“Architecture is art, but art vastly contaminated by many other things. Contaminated in the best sense of the word – fed, fertilised by many things.”

Renzo Piano - Architecte

YANN ERIC GUERIN, Architect in Grenoble

Nationality : French and Irish
Year of birth : 1980

Yann-Eric GUERIN is a fully qualified architect and project manager from the National Architecture Schools of Strasbourg and Lille, France. He is fluent in French and English.
He was employed for a few years by architecture agencies in Alsace and in the North of France where he worked in particular for TRACE Architectes, Lille, as an architecture designer, project manager and site supervisor on a whole range of projects (private and community housing, primary and secondary schools, multi purposes halls, research centres). In April 2011 he set up his own agency in Isère, in the South-East of France.


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Building economics :

  • SAS PANGAUD Économiste
  • ESEB

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Heating and acoustic engineering :

  • Philippe BRUN Thermicien